Unable to retrieve Data from Database


I am trying to enter data in a placeholder retrieved from a database as per the attached screen shots. The user saves the location where they will get picked up, and then if they need to change the location they click the button.

The placeholders are there to notify the user of what their last submission was. I should be able to pull the data out of the database, but I cant.

Any assistance would be awesome - I have been trying to do this myself but just hit a wall…


The database is ETA at Disembarkation Locations.


Can you populate a dropdown with the same query?
What does the debug of your result set return?


Kyle, thank you. Following the suggestion about the debugger I started to get my head round it and work back to the root cause.

All sorted thanks for the guidance.

Not a problem. Feel free to post your solution.
It’s a handy wee thing that debugger.