Unable to set resuable element property using conditions


I am attempting to change a reusable element’s property via conditions, but I am unable to do so.

Here is what I have done.

  1. I created an element with a property “Text” for a label.
    When I add the element, I pass in a value to display (this works perfectly), but I want to conditionally change the label text based on a condition.
  2. I click on the Conditional tab and add my condition (i.e., when list:count > 0), then I select the property from the list “Text” but nothing happens.

I have a work around which is to add a “do if true” workflow step, but I would much rather use the conditional tab of the element as it is intended.

has anyone had this issue? am I doing something wrong?

Try setting the text property to list:count > 0:format as text then put the text values you want for yes and no.

@tylerboodman That worked! Thank you!

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Oh I was gonna say stick that right in the spot where you set the Property’s value (without the is"yes" at the end) :laughing:

That way the :format as text determines exactly what text value to send to the reusable element.

With what you have now you can just leave it as [extra stuff]'s mfr:count > 1

Oh! Now I understand! Great idea!

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