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Unable to show both admin created and user created fields in a sheet

Hi, I am creating a coupon storing app with a landing page like below

There is a repeating group that shows “List of categories” under which all their coupons are stored categorically

The initial list of categories is created by the admin and is visible to each user, but we also provide an option to add categories.
If a user adds categories, then it gets added to the repeating group

The part I am facing trouble with is that the category added by the user should only be shown to that user

So essentially the coupon category page will show admin added categories (to all) and user-created categories (to current user)

How should I do this?

To show the user created categories, I tried putting in the condition below, but was unable to show both

Would super appreciate any help

Hi there, @kanishkgarg24… you can do what you have described by using the merged with operator to merge a search for categories that were created by the admin with a search for categories that were created by the current user.

The main question is how are you defining categories that are created by the admin? If the admin is a user in the system who is marked as an admin in some way, then it won’t be difficult to constrain that search. If the admin categories are being created directly in the Categories data type via the editor (i.e., their Created By field shows up as App admin), then I believe the only way to constrain that search (although, I could be wrong about it being the only way) is Created By isn't in Search for Users (I thought you might be able to go with Created By is empty, but that doesn’t appear to work).

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for your response. Will try this out :grinning:

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