Unable to sign users up via backend workflow

I am trying to parse data via backend workflow into bubble using JSON.
One of the steps in the backend workflow is to create a new user but it does not seem to be able to create the user.

I keep getting the response "statusCode: 400, reason: NO_EMAIL, message: Please include email, args.

My json has an email and it is being parsed to the email section of the workflow


Well Bubble doesn’t think so. Have you used the server logs to check? Have you checked the content of the JSON? Have you checked the email is valid? Maybe if you accidentally put a space in the email field in the action it will break?

I have checked the server logs, there is no space in the emails. This was working before now and suddenly the app started breaking without being tampered with. When I did my troubleshooting through postman, that was when I noticed that it was saying no emails