Unable to sort by email

It seems it is not possible to sort by email, which is a bit weird. Why is this, and is there any way to accomplish this?


You could have a second (non-built in) Email field which would just be the same value as the built-in email field. Then you could use that new field for sorting!

It’s weird though (and management overhead, misalignment, etc.)

Why is it like this?

OK I created a “Verified Email” field - bit dorky - and it works. I’ll have to make sure I track email changes. Thank you!

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That’s a question for Bubble’s engineers - my best guess is privacy (as emails are supposed to be kept private)

But you can extract it and filter it, so it seems odd. Perhaps I’m filtering oddly, I concat all the fields I want to search and then do a contains the text.

Thank you for the help though, very useful.

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No problem - happy to help.

I don’t have visibility on your use-case but you might find that thread useful: Daisy Chain Filtering and Search Constraints Best Practices