Unconnected Stripe Subsciption Payments

I’m using the Stripe payment plugin for my app and use it to sell monthly subscriptions. However, I occasionally (maybe 1 in 200 times) get a Stripe subscription created, but it is unconnected to bubble. I’m not sure why this is, although occasionally a user has said they switched devices and forwarded the payment URL to a desktop from a mobile to complete payment. I assume this may cause the problem sometimes.

Is there a way to stop this from happening and is there a way to re-link a Stripe subscription to a Bubble user using the official plugin? I have the Subscription ID etc… so can easily enter the data in to bubble, but I need the plugin to recognise this.

use webhooks to capture the subscription payment instead of relying on the plugin

I’ve set up web hooks according to some of the well-followed tutorials on here, but I will re-check it now. Thanks for the advice.

Is there a way to re-connect a bubble user to a stripe subscription for those that have already happened?

If there is already an existing subscription in stripe, then there would already be an existing Stripe Customer ID (object) in Stripe that is associated with subscription, so you’d likely be able to simply add that ID to the User in Bubble.

Is there a way to do it if there is no association? I can’t see any stripe data for some users, even though they have a stripe subscription - I’d like to manually associate it with a Bubble user.