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Understanding Timeouts w/ 'Workflow on list'

Hi all,

  1. I’ve read a bunch of the other threads on this subject but I still have some questions
  2. I’m going to be testing out recursive, which seem to be a lot less brittle

I want to fill in my clear gaps in understanding on this subject.

Sending a list that is ~1,300 entries in length to a workflow, with an interval of 3 seconds. After the 944th entry in the list the workflow seems to fail (I believe due to a timeout).

It is my understanding that each time the workflow runs on an item from the list, THAT workflow has a time limit of 5 minutes (i.e each of 1,300 workflow runs has a 5 minute limit, not a 5 minute limit for all 1,300 workflow runs).

Is that understanding correct?
If so, why would I be getting a timeout? When I ask Bubble I get a very vague ‘capacity’ response (I’m on Professional plan) but my server capacity never goes above 20%.