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Undo / Redo at Data page

It seems the Data page misses Undo/Redo

So I deleted some Privacy rules for example and I can’t just Undo that action

btw, speaking of Privacy Rules I’d like to be able to enable/disable a rule without removing it so that I can debug the effect of the rule. Removing and reading it is error-prone and time consuming

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For the privacy rule, to test, why not checking all the boxes, and then returning back to the setting?

For Undo/Redo, that’s indeed something we don’t put in the undo stack. It’s a bit of a project, so can’t do that very quickly.

in my case the condition was the problem, so I couldn’t have debugged it by changing checkboxes for rights, best in my opinion is to be able to turn on/off the privacy rules (even all rules on/off together, via some checkbox on the Privacy tab itself)

btw, I noticed that if I remove a condition and then add it again later on it somehow remembers its settings (don’t know if it was that I used the same name when I added it again)

currently if I remove a data field and then add it again, I have already damaged my workflow actions that were setting that field and can’t fix them without removing the respective field assignments (they end up saying = … with nothing on the left side)

as I’ve already suggested before, one should be able to select the left part of the assignment again, even if that breaks the assignment match of types at its two sides (would then show in red the part on the right and on the left to change either one)