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Unexpected behaviour - Responsive Layout

Hello All,

I am facing a unexpected behaviour when building a responsive page. In the image below the 1st image is actually a group element with an image as a background. Placed in this group is another group with an icon. the responsiveness is working properly.

While the 2nd image (same settings as above for all elements) in an actual image element with the same group and icon in it. as you can see the image does not stretch to respond to the screen size. If delete the group that is placed on top of the image then the image will become responsive.

Any suggestions?

Ok, Another update! If i create another group (In gray) then placed the old red border group in that group then it functions properly???

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That’s indeed something we haven’t added yet. image elements are responsive, image background aren’t really. We’ll look at this in the coming days, still figuring the best options there.