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Unique element in a repeating group

I too am running into this issue. It’s a Catch-22 because if I use :unique elements then I have to set the repeating group to “text” and therefore cannot get to any other fields in the Thing except for the one that is specifically searched for.

If I change the RG group type to the Thing that I am searching, I cannot use :unique elements.

It’s very frustrating and I cannot figure out a way around it.

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Hello, Jakob. Sorry for bothering you. I have similar problem and wanted to ask if you found any decision. Thank you in advance. :heart:

Hello ,
I am new in Bubble. I have same problem. In my project in repeating group city names are appearing from city field from Database. The problem is many city names are coming many times in repeating group. I want city should come once. Please help me some body. Thank you guys in advance…