Unique Elements

Hey guys.
I need an help over one topic.
I have a database of products and I need to filter this database to return just one item of each product based on conditions. Ex:

Item 1: Chocolate Especial / 150g
Item 2: Chocolate Type 1/ 250g
Item 3: Chocolate Especial / 150g
Item 4: Chocolate Type 3/ 250g
Item 5: Chocolate Type 4/ 350g
Item 6: Chocolate Normal/ 350g

And I need to filter to return unique element based on the weight

Item 1: Chocolate Especial / 150g
Item 2: Chocolate Type 1/ 250g
Item 5: Chocolate Type 4/ 350g

I cannot use unique elements because I need the list continue to be the same database and not change to a list of text or number, and I cannot group by because these change the type for grouping and this cannot happen because a sorter plugin i need to use.

Someone know how I can do it using advanced filter or something like this ?

Hi, how have you set up the database? Please share screenshots if possible.

And what you can do is use Option Set for the weight.
Option Set name “weight”. Option name > 150g, 250g etc.
In database you can select the option for the corresponding chocolate.

You can then easily filter the list by the options. Like in a repeating group you can display all chocolates of 150g or 250 g.

Or you can use option set for the whole product list instead of using database. It will improve the performance of the app so far I have learned in Bubble.

I am using an external database and I save what is needed using options set as a type data called PO.
When I take the PO information I need to have create a group by from the POs but i cannot use group by, because I need the data type continue to be a PO, because I need to user sorter filter over the calculation done with the results of this “group by”.
So the main point is, how to group by without do a group by, to do not loose the data type.
I can create a list of texts of the unique elements, but i need to filter the PO to return just one item of the PO for each item, and I don’t have a clue how to do it, or how i return just 1 item of the PO for each unique product.
Is a strange situation, but the plugin of sortier cannot use group by, or text data type, need to be a data type existent in the app (based on api ou internal database)

Lost in it :grinning: