Unique name in repeating group

Good evening everyone. Guys I have the following problem. I have a page on my app where I give the user the opportunity to create several galleries. Now at the moment of creation, I do a check to check if the name entered is already present in its galleries, if so, I invite you to change its name or I assign it an always different default name (based on the time it was created ). So far no problem.
The problem arises when I give the possibility to change the name of the gallery. I was unable to set that the name cannot be unique. Here are the conditions I set and how I set up my workflow.

In truth, sometimes it actually blocks me and does not make me enter a repeated name, other times not, if I have seen correctly, it happens when I change the name of a gallery and then I try to change the name of another gallery, as if the list of gallery names did not update in real time.

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