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Unique Search Results for Anonymous Users

Hi everyone,

Just a question for creating search results that are independent for different users. In my app, a User A can search a database and select his preferred options, which are then displayed on another page. However, if another User B opens the app on a different browser, he is presented with User A’s selections.

I would like Browser B to be a unique instance of the webapp - so User B won’t be presented with User A’s selections and vice-versa.

Currently I’m trying to make a List within the Current User - to ensure that the selections are tied to User A/B - however can this only be achieved if the User has Logged In to the website?

I hope this makes sense! Appreciate any advice.

Bubble creates temp user, and everything is saved until this user log in or clear the cache, so you can modify everything inside the user table and it will save it.

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Thank you!