Unique user slug

I have assigned a slug to each user that works just like the unique ID pulling the information from the specific users profile and displaying it when needed or as needed. The problem is I have to physically type the slug in once the profile is created and just like the user ID there cannot be the same slug twice.

My question is;
how can I set the user’s slug as their email address so the slug assigns to the user automatically. Also the bonus to this is, no 2 email address can be the same.

No you do not need to do that if you are using a plugin

This plugin will allow you to add ‘-’ between words…I use it to create slugs for data types that users are creating.

I’m not using a plug in I just created it manually. what’s the plug in called sorry, Ill try that

I linked to it. Check the thread I linked to.

Thank you. after reading your thread has the error messages stopped showing? even though its working if that makes sence? lol

Yes error messages stopped showing

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