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UNIX Time Pluging + Croppie

Interesting “bug” plugin conflict - easy workaround.

Unix Time plugin
Croppie Plugin

Use Case
Create a unique file name for S3 image save.
Work flow (plain language) - this fails.

  1. When Save - Get current date/time into Unix Time with plugin
  2. Set custom variable: CS = Unix time (number format) append Random String.
  3. Croppie Save using CS + “.jpg” for file name.

Croppie does not save the result file to S3.
The issue occurs if the Unix plugin is in the same workflow before Croppie. Note: I never tested putting the Unix plugin after Croppie since it did not match my use case.

Solution Found
If you put the Unix Plugin in a separate workflow, storing the result (unique file name in my case) in CS — then in a second workflow do the Croppie Save then everything works as expected.

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