Unlink Google and change my login email

So I need to disconnect my current Google address linked to my account and change the login to a different email.

I know I can remove authorization to connect to Bubble from the Google dashboard but how does that impact my ability to log back into my account?

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Assuming you set up your account with Google from the start, the Bubble account should still have an underlying email account (and unknown password) associated with it.

First, try a password reset request using the email address of the Google account. Complete the password reset, and see if you are able to log in through that sequence.

I haven’t had occasion to test this, but I would assume that it should work.


Thanks Dan! That worked perfectly.

I initially was just building some internal tools for my company and used my company email. But I have started building apps for a couple other businesses and want to convert my account to one I own and push the internal apps out to a separate account.

Thanks again!

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Happy to help, glad it worked.