Unlogged (anonymous) persistent vs non-persistent data (Things)

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I’m new to bubble: and I would like to know how created data (things) by a non-logged user behaves regarding his persistence (durability) inside the DB.

As far as I I know. If you create any “Thing” (data or data structure) attaches to built-in “User” table, this will disapear after 3 days from the database (I assume Bubble do a delete “on cascade” of the data), Right?

But what happens with things created by a non-logged User, but not attached to the User table. Are they also deleted three days after?,

If so, is there any way to make them persistant (durable) over time?

Thanks in advance.

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So Bubble creates a temporary user if they have cookies enabled in their browser and after a few days they disappear. That’s true.

If you create anything else in the database, that stays as long as you want it to. It doesn’t get deleted until you tell it to. If it was created by a user that was temporary, you will see the ‘created by’ field say ‘deleted user’ or something like that after the user is deleted from the database. The record itself will still be there though.

Does that help? :blush:

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Hi ! Thanks for your response.

What happens in case you create a field of type Book (with title and author fields) inside the User table, and then you set Current User’s Book with data like “harry potter”, “j.k rowling”. If that’s created by a non-logged User, that record is also going to disappear after some days?

If you create a data thing called ‘Book’ then the Book will still be in the database but just not attached to a user. If Book is just a text field on the User data thing, then that would be gone. Does that make sense? :blush:

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Yes, thanks a lot!

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