"Unmerge" changes (versioning question)

We want to use the approach which is described here Version Control - Bubble Docs

We want to use this method, purchase the “Professional” plan, create a duplicate of the “Development” version and start building a new large feature in it. Then merge it to “Development” and afterward to “Live”.

Our biggest fear is if we would be able to do “unmerge” (immediately) changes if after deploying to “Live” we need to roll back “Development” and then roll back “Live”.

We will have a large-paying user base and it is very important that “Live” won’t be broken.

So, my question is the following. If we created a “Save point” in the “Development” version before merging the 2nd dev version into the main “Development” version. Would it be possible to revert to the save point in the “Development” version (after 2nd dev version changes are already pushed to Live), then fix the conflicts between “Development” and “Live” so that “Live” becomes old(as before deploy) very quickly?

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