Unselect Calendar event

Hi everybody,
when i select an event all the data are well displayed in a group with inputs.
The problem is that i want to unselect current calendar event by clicking an icon.
Is that possible ?
thanks for your help

use the toggle workflow.

toggle works for all calendar and it did not unselect previous selected event

could you provide me with your application editor so i can better understand and help you?

Can you also show me what workflow you have used for the + button

custom state “Fiche Presence Edition” is “yes” for new event and “no” for existing event

these screenshots only show the states. It would be easier to help you if you send the application editor link. Go to settings in your editor - privacy and security - application rights and change it from private app to anyone can view and copy your editors url and send it here. like this project 1 | Bubble Editor

Hi. Here’s the link : BilalNotes | Bubble Editor

i think i figured it out, instead of reset data you should be do
make changes to thing
make change to current group
“your data” remove “your data”
something along those lines just do a little trial and error and it should fix your issue.

Hi. thanks for your help but this will remove data in database. I don’t want that.
I just want in workflow unselect calendar event like current cell index do in repeating Groups. thanks

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