Unsigned user voting system

Is it possible that if an user in my website in not signed up or if i have not created a page for login and signup can they do voting for particular data represented already on pages and one user cannot vote more than once. I am stuck with this for long time so it would better help if i got an idea for how to build it with explanation or some kind of guide

Welcome to the community @santoshpoudel713

Logged out user data is lost after 3 days. To keep it you would have to sign them up.

it was really great for your hearing . what i meant was a user is not signed up for eg some of static sites does not require signup even and in that case a can he perform voting mechanism which is provided over the site

Problem is with restricting further voting beyond one time

Hi, @santoshpoudel713,

This is more of a functional idea rather than a technical idea, but you could consider something like this if you trust your users to be honest about who they are (usually not a great idea for public apps):

You could ask the people voting for some piece of unique information like just their email address. There is a bubble plugin that confirms the validity of entered emails to some extent. Then you could create a database record for votes with a field for email address. In the workflow to create votes only create votes if there isn’t an existing vote with the same email address.

It is really open to manipulation and doesn’t rely on cookies or anything to verify if they have voted before, but I think most solutions without requiring logins may have this issue since users can delete cookies or open a site incognito. Perhaps reconsider logins if possible to make it more secure.

Sounds like a tough challenge, best of luck.