[Unsolved] Modify a List Field inside User Datatype

Hi, everyone:

I am having issues modifying a list field inside my User datatype. I will attempt to explain with a spreadsheet.

  • So in my User datatype, I have a field called Shopping Cart which is a list of Cart Items.
  • Cart Item is another datatype with fields Item Name, Version, and Price. It lists all the versions and their prices to an in-person event.

So Cart Item looks something like this:

If a user purchases a membership and also registers for an event, his User record would look like this:

In database, I am only able to display Version, but in the frontend, I was able to create a repeating group that displays all 3 of the fields for Cart Item.

Now, if for some reason the User decides to remove membership from his shopping cart, then I need to change Version and Price (and I assume changing unique id), so that it becomes this:

Cart Item needs to remain unchanged.

I have tried a number of different methods with Make changes to a list of things and Make changes to thing as well as searches and filters, but nothing is working.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

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