[Unsolved] Weird Things Going on With Bubble

Anyone else having some strange issues lately?

Every time I refresh I get an SSL error in test mode, API Workflows are not completing anymore, customers are complaining about inconsistent results in my app that I haven’t made any changes to it in months.

What is going on?

Seems like bubble found the issue. So glad. Thank you. Hope to get this fixed soon. Thanks bubble!

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My observation show a reduced capacity (workflows take longer time) of 30%. As Bubble trying to improve things, I’m just waiting. Unfortunatly, this will affect workflows execution (or half execution). It’s very hard at this point, without the appropriate tool, to evaluate the real speed. We need to build some kind of speed test page. Hope you don’t loose your business for that. We all put so much energy to build our dream to become true project.

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Ya, seems like something has gone haywire and I noticed a huge drop in my customers starting a few months ago.

For some reason I kept going over capacity when i would only rarely go over in the past. It’s pretty clear with my logs.


I knew something was up because I haven’t done any updates with this app.

This is where I went from just over 100 customers down to about 40. :sob:

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Bubble just said for me to update capacity. I try the boosts and it doesn’t help. Nothing else I can do. Guess I will probably have to look for another resource. So sad :disappointed:

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