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Unwanted deletes in "Pick an Element" dropdown

The “Pick an Element” dropdown is a handy feature for finding elements, especially those that are hidden. However, it is very sensitive when it comes to deletions. So for example, if the name of an element is typed in and soemthing is misspelled, its a normal reaction for most people to hit the delete key or backspace button to correct it.

The “Pick an Element” dropdown is VERY unforgiving and often deletes the element currently brought up as the first item in the drop down list when this occurs. If the deletion is noticed, its a simple matter of redoing your step. The problem is when they are not noticed.

Please, please, please, add a delete confirmation window for the “Pick an Element” dropdown. A simple override could be added for those that want to delete many elements using this function without being slowed down with confirmations.

Its caused me more frustration than anything else in Bubble.

Please consider adding this!!!


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Can you share a screencast? Not sure I follow the issue…

Oh, you mean when you delete what you typed that deletes the element itself?

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Many good elements have paid the ultimate price!

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Yes, exactly, without deleting elements in the drop down list

We’ll fix that, it’s not fair to these poor elements.


This has happened to me too! My reflex is to hit delete a bunch or select all + delete intending to select the input to correct myself and I end up deleting a bunch of element… Good call.


Awesome, thanks!

Millions of elements thank you!


I think the elements are safe now.


You’re awesome!

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Unfortunately, elements are still dying…the problem is not fixed.

Then please file a bug report with the exact way to reproduce. Generally speaking, “this is not working, this is weird, there is a problem” are never enough.

With all due respect, I have described the problem, submitted screenshots, and answered your questions. I very clearly described what causes the problem which is to type something in the Pick an Element dropdown and then start deleting it. Gaby has further described it. Why is it necessary to fill out a bug report? Aren’t you the same guy who will be fixing it?

Previously, you chastised me for submitting an error through multiple channels, and now it seems you’re asking me to submit this issue through multiple channels…

Well my testing doesnt show the bug any more so I won’t be able to fix it.

And the best channel is always the bug report page. We added the category here because otherwise people post bugs without the any category, but it’s not ideal (and it’s explained in the template when you create a post). A bug a user is hitting is usually because of a very specific situation, and without that situation we’re usually not able to fix the issue.