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I am in the process of building a healthcare compliance system. One of the features I want to add to the system is the ability to store driving licence information which, for good practice, should be checked every six months.

I want to find a simple way to send a notification to our compliance team reminding them of the upcoming check one month, two weeks, one week and 1 day before the check is due. Now the obvious answer is just to schedule these workflows.

My concern is that if the compliance team complete the check at any point other than after the one day notification has been sent then these workflows will continue to run even though the check has already been completed and the new check is now not due for another 6 months.

My current workflow pre-schedules the workflow once the compliance add the driving licence information, these then of course will be rescheduled once the check has been completed. The workflows look like this:


My first thought was to add a conditional to the scheduled workflow that simply says "When user’s driving licence check plus (week/month/day depending on "type) but of course that’d be rather difficult to execute.

My next thought was to save each API workflow in a string and then cancel them all when the check was done, but that’s where I’m running into a bit of a struggle. How can I store the scheduled workflows ID in a list?



Save the date/time that a drivers license was checked and validated.

You can now run the workflows if current date time > date validated + 6 months

Let’s talk this out:
Validated on Jan 01, 2023
We run my new workflow today Mar 21, 2023, and the date validated + 6 months = Jun 01, 2023
Current date Mar 21, 2023 is not greater than June 01, 2023 so the workflow does not run as the license was validated less than 6 months ago.

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My end solution was to schedule a number of workflows in advanced, one for a month in advance, two weeks in advance etc.

Then saved these to a list in the thing by: “Current Things’ List of Texts Plus Item Result of Step 1 (API Workflow) Plus Item Result of Step 2 (API Workflow)” etc

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