Upcoming Updates to Timezone Handling in the Backend

Indeed it would, and indeed it does!

Yes, that’s what I’m saying, except that I’m suggesting it could and should be possible with any Bubble date. Your example is effectively changing the timezone from the user’s current timezone (which Bubble sets by default) to a different timezone (EST in your example). I’m saying that such capability should be available for any Bubble date. (I’m using a JS date manipulation library to do it now. There are several such libraries.)

As I said, I have worked around limitations in Bubble’s timezone handling with a plugin. It enables me to convert dates to the same time but in a different timezone. Simply put, it enables “changing a timezone to” instead of “converting to a timezone” if that makes sense; and it comes in very handy in many situations.

A common example is storing birthdays. Please read this thread (I linked to a specific post, but the whole thread is worth reading) if you want to see the hoops users are being forced to jump through to perform such a simple task. That could be as simple as :change timezone to a common timezone (UTC makes most sense there).

Having a :change timezone to operator would also enable me to more easily save time-only values as Bubble date types by converting Bubble dates to a common (the same) timezone regardless of the timezone of the user who entered the value. (Think of merchants across the globe specifying their business hours.) It’s not only an efficient format to store time values, but it makes it easy to create a date range (time range, actually) and check if a particular date (time) value falls within it.

I believe I do understand how Bubble dates are stored under the hood. A timestamp is essentially just a big integer - an elapsed number of seconds (or milliseconds) since a particular reference date known as the UNIX epoch in UTC. If that’s not correct, set me straight.

I only hope that something which required a fairly simple feature to remedy is not going to be made more complicated. :grimacing:

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