Upcoming Updates to Timezone Handling in the Backend

Your example is effectively changing the timezone from the user’s current timezone (which Bubble sets by default) to a different timezone (EST in your example)

I would argue that this is not accurate – in that example, we have a textual representation of the date and we are interpreting it either in EST or in the user’s current timezone.

In general, I think this post in the thread you linked gives a good explanation of what we’re focusing on making possible (as in, they describe what isn’t currently possible).

I believe I do understand how Bubble dates are stored under the hood. A timestamp is essentially just a big integer - an elapsed number of seconds (or milliseconds) since a particular reference date known as the UNIX epoch in UTC. If that’s not correct, set me straight.

That’s 100% correct :slight_smile:

I only hope that something which required a fairly simple feature to remedy is not going to be made more complicated. :grimacing:

I can assure you that we don’t intend to make things more complicated for users!