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Hi everyone,

Would like your input on the following:

I’ve got a country type table with 200+ countries (Let’s call it Table A), which is linked in a field of another type table (Table B).

Easily depicted like this:

Table B
- Country Field --> Table A

Now I want to add a column to Table A and I have a CSV file with all the values. Is there a smart way to “update” Table A using the CSV file, without losing the connection between Table A and Table B?

Thx in advance!

Hi @CJF,

At the moment, you cannot update date with a CSV like that, but you can use this workaround method:

Use the “upload CSV” action in workflows to get the CSV data into a new temporary Table C. Make sure that each row in the CSV also has an identifier of some kind to link to the appropriate Table A record. E.g.

CSV of cities would contain a city name column and a country name column

Row 1: New York City, USA
Row 2: San Diego, USA
Row 3: Montreal, Canada
Row 4: Paris, France

Table C would contain a city name field and a country name field (both text, not links to anything).

In the workflow, after the upload action, you’d Schedule an API workflow on a List. The list being the result of the new Table C records created from the upload (aka “result of step 1”)

The API Workflow would be set up to make a change to a Table A record, which you identify through a “Thing C” parameter. Like… Search for Table A: first item, where the search has a constraint like Country Name = Thing C’s country name. Table A’s new field = Thing C’s City name (for example). Each Thing C will hit this endpoint and thus update a related Thing A.

Depending on how complicated your CSV is, this may or may not be the right solution for you. It takes a bit of set up, but it certainly works. Feel free to PM me for a coaching session if you want to work through it together.

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Awesome thank you!

Hadn’t thought of this workaround yet.


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