Update a list field when underlying data value changes

I have a working app that allows golf courses to create custom events. With the recent changes going on with Bubble, I’m looking to improve the efficiency of my app by reducing searches and minimizing WUs consumed.

That said, I’m having an issue trying to update a list field in one data type that stores values contained in another data type. Specifically, how do I update the appropriate list field value when any of its underlying values change? See the attached for an illustrative example.

What are you using as the data source for these tables?

If you’re using states as your data sources, these will not update each other as a state is essentially a copy of the data.

If this is what you’re doing, then you can do one of two things:

  1. update the actual database when you make a change and then update the state of the Course table to reflect this change.
  2. update the state of the Course table directly, by searching through the list and editing the appropriate cell.

First, I want to clarify that the "tables’ pictured in my original post are in fact Excel representations of my database tables. Secondly, I was not using states as my data source.

That said, the solution to my issue is simple. Whenever I make a change to a thing’s “yardage” value in the data type “Holes”, I have a workflow actions that: 1) clears the list field in the data type “Course” for the tee specified and then… 2) resets the list field for the specified tee using the “set list” function. These actions replace the original list for the specified tee with the new updated list. Seems to work perfectly.

I might add that now pulling data from list fields in my ‘Course’ data type means I was able to successfully eliminate a host of other procedures that involved searches. This also results in a meaningful reduction in WUs.

I’m guessing test Yardage_Tee 1 was a list of texts rather than list of Holes. You probably want each course to have a list of Holes, not a list of Yards.

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