Update about Bubble downtime on May 8 (and previous days)

That would be amazing

Use make.com

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I think the team are trying to balance costs and grow the business. I actually applied to a senior role last year at bubble as I liked the product and am an SRE leader with specific expertise in workflow apps in the cloud, 4 9s uptime, DDOS mitigations and global scaling. Compared to all the other services my team had, this type of workflow tool needs a different mindset to make it stable and secure. ( I would have told them that if they interviewed me :slight_smile:

It’s def a must have but I believe I’ve done workarounds using a API call and sending response (or when no other choice checking for missing completed date a few minutes after expected time for finishing WF).

Also any indication the Idea Board dictate the roadmap in any way?

Thanks for the suggestion as that sounds like a good workaround, and gives me more reason to explore higher usage of the API more generally in apps.

Yes of course, it is glaringly obvious

Bubble is currently working on number 1. Number 2 and 3 likely just need to reach the 1,000 votes mark to get a team put together to try and tackle them.

And we are ALL anxiously waiting the arrival of the MUCH ANTICIPATED AND REQUESTED AI Generative App Builder which has a STUNNING count of 26 votes.

Still waiting for some of my ideas to reach 1,000 votes to be implemented, or maybe I should change the titles to include ‘AI’



EDIT Matthew, there’s no indication Bubble has any roadmap based on actual needs or that it can control when features ship. The top 2 are obv super popular outliers and the (fakeish) native app would be worked on even with 0 votes…

BUT SEE all these :point_down: (NOTE: ~5 %- 8% of all ideas have been shipped so this represents the majority of all ideas shipped!).

Had a client move to full code due to $54k a year quote for enterprise hosting. Just not viable for apps who want enterprise plan.

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I’m not sure if this is directed at me, or not. My name is not Mark, but I received notification my previous reply was replied to via this comment.

If you were replying to me and my comment, my use of sarcasm may have been lost in translation, but I thought the screen shots posted of AI vote count versus some of my idea vote counts would have served to highlight that, in my belief, Bubble is not listening to the community and does not prioritize shipping features from the ideaboard. Also, inclusion of the top 3 ideas, only the first is being worked on, while the 2nd and 3rd seemingly are not, so again, I posted that screen shot to help emphasize my feelings that Bubble does not listen to the community and does not prioritize shipping features from the idea board with high vote counts.

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I’ve been waiting for hours to get all my apps WFs back up (Bubble is timing out like crazy even now) so I mislabeled it as Mark and def missed the sarcasm :slight_smile:

I think it’s quite funny the majority of shipped features have 1 vote…

It exports a JSON file with your data so you could import it into another database if you rebuilt custom or something.

Thank you, Josh and Emmanuel, for the detailed update on the recent challenges and the steps Bubble is taking to mitigate them. DDOS attacks and cybersecurity issues are indeed complex, and your transparency is appreciated.

However, as the founder of an early-stage startup, I want to highlight the impact such disruptions can have on businesses like ours. We are on an Enterprise plan, yet a dedicated plan is beyond our reach. We depend heavily on the professional services provided by Bubble. Last week, we experienced outages during critical presentations and a podcast, which not only damaged our reputation but also affected our fundraising activities.

Given Bubble’s expansion into professional services with enterprise offerings, I believe it’s crucial to introduce SLAs. These should include compensation or other forms of support for founders like myself when disruptions occur. This would greatly help in planning for contingencies and would reassure us of Bubble’s commitment to its enterprise clients.

Looking forward to seeing continued improvements and possibly discussing how Bubble can support its clients during such critical times.

Best regards,

Stan Stolberg
CEO @ Dmany.io


So how Bubble works, your ‘app’ is a HUGE nosql document that describes it’s design, and how the external helper functions it calls operate. So essentially, everyone’s ‘index’ is the same page, and then your specific design and workflows are fetched from a nosql database. For this reason, building your elements or even whole pages as reusable elements helps the load time of some apps.

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Compensation for downtime means nothing really vs cost to customer business. You want the company to make a cultural shift to look at reliability as part of everything they do, not learn about that when it is too late

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I fully agree here. Reliability is everything and this is what I expect from Enterprise plans. I believe that having a fallback scenario in place would solve so much. Also utilizing the full power of Cloudflare