Update an empty entry of an existing line in database

Hello everyone,

  1. I have built two pages where we ask the user to fill in some data.
  • On the first page he would give us a first set data through radio buttons, inputs and dropdowns
  • On the second page he would fill in some data about the product he would like to request
  • On the two pages there are buttons to submit the data
  1. I have built a database “Data” with one single type Research and many different fields

  2. The issue comes here:

  • I am able to create a new entry on the first page and update the fields relevant to “Research”
  • When I am on my second page and update the data, I am unable to update the line that has just been created before in the database. It automatically creates a new line

Question: Is there a way I can update an existing line in a database, and if so can I save any kind of unique ID to be able to retrieve it to know which line to update

Yes, one way is with custom states, another is to use groups to contain all elements in page and set your container group to have the data type you want and then send the data through a workflow to the group to set it.

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Hello thank you very much, containing data in groups would be perfect
Thank you

I was just wondering, do custom states allow me to find a specific entry (let’s say the entry with a specific unique ID number)? I have trouble doing it

custom states just hold data that you send to it, they don’t find specific entries unless you stored that specific entry in the state and use it’s value as a constraint in a regular search.

What are you trying to do?

Hello, what I would like to do is update the value of a specific request, maybe one or two days after it was entered