Update an image in one dataset form another

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to search for an image in one data set and upload it to another. My use case is this:

I have one dataset ‘badges’ - that dataset just has a list of badge names and associated images in it.

I have another dataset ‘reviews’ which includes a field ‘badge’ and a field ‘badge image’

When a user gets a review that triggers the award of a ‘badge’ I want the image in the ‘reviews’ dataset to be updated with the image corresponding to the badge.

The name of the badge is being pulled into the ‘reviews’ data set fine from criteria in the review form - but how do I then get the badge image to update in the Reviews dataset?

I’ve been going round in circles on this one fro quite some time…

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Why are you copying the badge? Is there a specific reason?

Because you can just assign a badge to the badge field of the review and it should be fine. You will have access to the badge fields from that review.

Maybe its because I’m assigning the badge via dropdown list in a popup. the name of the badge is updating the reviews badge name field but how do I access the image in the badge dataset. If I want to display an image of the badge in a user profile i just cant seem to access it. i thought if i could update the image in the reviews dataset that would sort it. Also, I figured maybe a 1st step would be to get the badge to appear in the popup once the badge name had been selected. Does this sound sensible or am i barking up the wrong tree? is so, any idea how id do that - thanks

You can all do what you said without creating the badge from scratch or copy badge image individually to the review. See the demo below:


We have a list of badges with text and icon:

And we have reviews that has some text and a badge:

The dropdown just shows the badges:

And all the button does is create a new review with the badge coming from the dropdown:

Hi Thanks for the great explanation. I still can’t see how you made the icon appear next to the badge name in the repeating group - could you show me the dynamic image search?

It is not dynamic image search. It is current cell’s review’s badge’s icon.

Here you can see for yourself: