↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode

This will be in the next update.

When would the next update be?

Can’t tell you the exact time, but we can push a minor update with this state only, I will ask our devs to do it. Expect it during the next week.

Can you explain how to do this? I’ve tried everything, but the feature “Save sorted DB Field List” still does not work at all.

We are discussing this with you in private, and I’ll respond further there, no need to spam forum :wink:

It works and always worked, it just needed to be configured correctly

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You need to go to Settings->API then EnableData API then select the tables that you will save to.


Hi, @jason20. Thank you.

My problem was that I hadn’t added Privacy rules for my DB in the “Privacy” tab that is in the “DATA” section.

@ezdev helped me.

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Is it possible to build a line conecting an element to another?

check the example from our demo page, in the section “Save reordered RG and reflect it on other RG”

We’ve pushed several updates with Bug Fixes lately, please update to the latest version 2.4.5.
Regards, Andrew from EzCode team.

Great plugin. One question -

I have a repeating group that i’m reordering. In each row I have a delete icon to delete the current thing. After I reorder items i’m no longer able to use the delete icon in the row. It deletes the incorrect item. If I don’t reorder everything works as expected. Is there a way to reset the repeating group index?


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Could you please provide a link so we can see what would be the best solution for your case? You can send it in a private message.

Thank you

Hi @ezdev

After I saved RGorders, I refresh my page, sometimes I’ll get the updated order, sometimes I don’t, do you know what could be the reason of inconsistency? I can’t use it on my app with such randomized manner.


Hi @ezdev

Is it possible to make it accept a drag handler class (and not just an id)?

Use case is: a few groups in a RG cell will be visible or not depending on user input. So I added a handle to each group and used plugin Classify to add a class to them. Do you think we can make it work for my case? thanks a lot!

yes this is possible, we will push an update with this feature later today.

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could you please show us an example on how it is happening and what error appears? You can send as a private message with the link to your app or video.
Thank you

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Thanks for the update regarding ability to use a drag handler class. Should I just enter the class name in the id field in plugin? Doesn’t seem to be working :frowning:

There’s a new field called “Drag handler Class”, enter your class there without the “.”
If it’s still doesn’t work, please send us a link to your app and we will take a look.

How do I save the reordered list after dragging?

So I have a todolist and a list of tasks. I only see reordered things id’s. Where can I find the list of things reordered so I can do todolist and then set list?

there are 2 ways to save order:

  1. Using a list field for repeating group source
    In this case you cane use the action “Save field list” see an example in our demo
  2. If you want to save reordered things, then for best understanding see an example in our demo in the section “Save reordered RG and reflect it on other RG”

Regards, Andrew from EzCode