Update behavior changed?

I have an element in a focus group. When the group got shown or hidden the update function used to trigger but it doesn’t anymore. I really don’t know why they would change this. Just to make my life harder?


is that a yes?

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I’m experiencing an issue with this too. When the “visible” property changes, the update function does not run.

HOWEVER, when the a custom state changes then the update function runs, and you can “show” and “hide” an element based on that.

This is a big problem. Anyone have any workaround for this?

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I’ve reported this issue before to support and got nothing… I’ve posted this late July to warn people about this behaviour.

You may read about it on this post:

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For me, my plugin does not have this issue on the new responsive engine: only the old one.

Correct. They are not backward compatible… Version 3 isn’t backward compatible with version 2… that is my pluggins are sitting in version 2, as most of my apps are still on v2 and not in the “new” responsive v3.

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Hmm this is interesting and I did not know this!