Update data just once

I have a simple question!
I am making a app where a data type keeps chancing when you open the website and “play” it. I want to store the amount of money(the data type) when you openend the page, and not update it. Like when i join the page i have 100 dollar and after playing for a hour i have 1000 dollar, i want to show the 100 dollar. But here is the catch: I cant store it on the current user data type. This is because it want to store it in a text, but when you use dynamic data, it keeps updating.
Please help me out!

you can use a custom state on the page and update that one instead of the database

more info in the docs

Can you share more details:

  1. Like where is this 100 coming from?
  2. Why is it becoming 1000?
  3. What is the logic that you want to implement? Like do users gain/deduct money if they win/lose?

Without it not sure if anyone can provide you with right answers.

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The 100 is coming from the amount of money you have when the page is joined
Its becoming 1000 by playing a game
By just playing the gamer your gaining or losing money
Thank for the help so far!

You want this money to be unique to the person playing? Or would you want it writing to the database and everyone would see the same amount? You don’t want to save it under the User because they won’t be logged in?

Yes it needs to be unique. And no the person doesnt have to be logged in