Update data on connected parameters page

I’m creating a system with a user profile page, and the information displayed on it comes from a repeating group located on my home page. I’m sending data between pages through parameters.
I created a pop-up that inserts a new user in the system on the home page, and in each row of the repeating group, there is an eye icon that links to the profile user page (see the image below). Everything works great for me in this process.

Nevertheless, I’m facing an issue with the profile user page where I created another pop-up to update the user information. My difficulty is that I can’t set the right workflow on this pop-up to update the user information. Since the user data is connected through pages by parameters the data also needed to be updated on the home repeating group too.

See pictures from the profile page below:

Any thoughts on how I could fix this?


Your popup needs to have a data type, which should be profile. You can make the popup function as it should (for a CRUD operation), and make it so that when the data type of the popup is empty the inputs are empty, but when the data type of the popup is not empty the inputs initial values will be of the data type the popup currently holds which would be the pages profile. So in your setup on the page in which you are clicking the button to open the popup to edit the profile, you will have two workflow actions, first is to display data in popup (the pages profile) and the second would be to show the popup.