Update data when an element is showed

Hi, im building chat system.

anybody knows how to change data in a cell of a repeating group, when the cell is showed(appered)? Actually, i wanna change the status of showed message to “read”.


Hi there, @gokubocontact… without knowing really anything about your app, it seems like you might want to have a status field in your Message data type, and you can update that field as the state of a message changes. So, when a new message is created, maybe the status is set to “new”, when a message is read by its recipient, you could change the message’s status to “read”, and if, say, a message is deleted, you could set the message’s status to “deleted”.

With that setup in place, you could use the status field to do interesting things in the UI, such as flag new messages in some way so it is clear to the user that they are new, mark messages as read, and filter deleted messages out of the list.

Anyway, that might be one way to go about doing what you have described, and I hope this helps, even if it’s just food for thought.


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