Update database with result from input field (do a search)

newby question here… I am trying to update a project file (i.e. the data type) with several inputs from users. All my normal input fields and dropdown inputs work fine, when I create “new project” through the workflow.
However there is one Input field that is not entered by user, but that field retrieves data automatically (input field + “do a search”) from another data type from database. I.e. if the users enters a material manually, it automatically retrieves a specific material score. Now that score I want to add to the specifc project’s database datatype. It shows up in the live-preview but it doens’t add it to the database.
This is my input field search
This is the workflow

Am I using a wrong approach here?

Thanks for your help!!

The Placeholder of an input, is not a value… it’s just some text to show when there is no value.

So, unless you have specified some initial content for the multiline input, or a user has typed something into it, its value will be empty.

If you want to prepopulate an input with an actual value, you need to enter it into the ‘initial content’.

Although, based on the rest of your question, I’m not entirely sure that’s what you want to do?..

Hi Adam,

Thx for the quick response. Ah, if the input placeholder it is not a value, then I am kind of surprised that it does show the result of the search in the live page.
Let me try to explain better what i am aiming to do:

  1. User creates a project based on a adres (new database entry is correctly created. works fine)
    2 user enters all kinds of info through inputs en dropdowns (data type record is corectly updated. works fine)
    3, Based on one of the dropdown inputs (i.e. “material”), a corresponding score needs to be retrieved and displayed (works fine through the input field via do a search, etc)
    Here comes the problem:
  2. This score I need to be added to the earlier created project record… NO CLUE HOW TO DO THIS,. Apparently an input field is not the way to go. Any suggestions?

Again thx for the help

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