Update each value based on the result of Do a Search For (Constraint)

I badly need your help right now, been stuck in this problem for a couple of days.

Context: I have an Incentive Program, when I edit the “Amount” value it will automatically update the calculations of how much Commission an Agent earned.

Problem: The calculated results are all the same with the Agents.

For the simplicity of the calculation, lets just say: Commission Earn = Collection + Incentive Amount

Step 1: I made changes to my inputs

Step 2: I changed updated the calculations

This is the problem, they both have same amount 91000 rather than 91000 and 121000



You are editing the dropdown value which doesnt seem right. And all test users have the same incebtive program

sorry for the late reply,

Yes I’m editing the dropdown value then saving it to my database

Test users can have the same incentive program, therefore when I change the amount of incentive program then I want to update the new commission earn of each agent under that incentive program.


I have Incentive Program which compose of different agent (let’s say agent 1 and agent 2). Now, when I update the amount to 2000 I want to recalculate the commission earn.

Agent 1 Collection Fee = 90000 + 2000
Agent 2 Collection Fee = 120000 + 2000

Therefore my expected result would be 92000 and 122000 instead I’m getting 92000 and 92000.

I’m not sure why the incentive values contain the agents (and not the other way) but if you edit the value that doesn’t change the calculated commission earn amount unless you recalculate the commission earn. So upon editing the value in the dropdown you have recalculate all linked records thru a database trigger or workflow.

It’s heard to see what’s going on so if the above doesn’t answer your question kindly share all the relevant data sets (not the data but the fields).

Yes after I changed the value amount of incentive program, I recalculate it again


Here’s my database structure



Data is not set up properly. Is Agent one or a list in Incentive Program?

How are you editing the Incentive Title’s value? what amount are you editing in the image? there’s no amount in Incentive Program? Why are you editing INPUTS?


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