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[Update March 5, 2020] BDK Native Apps v1.7 released

Hi Folks,

Wrapping up this thread here. Just posted about the new version of BDK Native in this thread:


hi. i have a podcast streaming web app at bubble, and i want to use bdk to convert my web app to ios app and android app. how can i know if everthing will be ok, like for example, they can listen to posdcasts offline. will it works with bdk + android api / ios api?

HI @gaurav,

Congratulations on a fantastic tool.

Just to note that when scanning a barcode, the TYPE result seems empty every time. Scanned a bunch and this was the result. The barcode is getting written, but not the type.

I was testing this in the preview app, have not purchased a build yet.




About Push Noti, when user click to the noti, could we bring up a group instead of page?

Hi @gaurav , a question re dynamic links, is it possible to configure these so they never go to a webpage? At the moment my dynamic links work as I want on ioS and Android devices (i.e they go to the relevant store where the user hasn’t got the app installed) and then goes to the relevant part of the app. However on a desktop it brings them to a webpage which has the same info. In theory I don’t want them even seeing this webpage exists all traffic should go via the apps) - and the pages are not set up for big screens so to make matters worse they look pretty terrible on a big screen.

Can I prevent this from happening and if so how? I am not finding an answer to this by Googling around.

Thanks, David

Does it allow video recording?

Hi @gaurav

I am an issue when previewing my app in Android BDK app.

I am an plugin that I have bought from Zeroqode, for video conferencing in my app. When I tested my app in the BDK testflight, the video is working good, but not in the Android BDK app. I have manually allowed camera and mic permission (it did not asked in the Android BDK app) but still the video conferencing did not worked. But everything is working well with the iOS version in the testflight.

Is there something that you can help to check? Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to compile my app with BDK Native soon.

Hi, Thank you for your development.
I am sorry if the question has already done by some one else, but I want to ask you one.

When I convert my app into native app, which type of advertisement can I introduce?
For example, Adsence or Admob?
Thank you

Can this be used in Japan?

What is the process to use the TestFlight app for testing as a native app? Can this be used before having everything completed to submit to BDK? The app is in the development stages and would like to test different components throughout the stages as if it was a native app.

Thanks so much for the help in understanding the steps for native testing.