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[UPDATE] Nocode Bible Pro - V1.1

Hello folks!

We released a new version of Nocode Bible - Pro.

What’s new in this version:

There is one new expert tip.

  • How to bulk load option sets? Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. We explained how to do this with a video.

We added 3 new copyable widgets.

Story feature like Instagram.

  • Add multiple stories.
  • Add multiple images to a story.
  • Images in the story change every 5 seconds.
  • If you press and hold on the stories, the time will be stopped.
  • The number of images in stories is displayed for x 5 seconds.
  • Clicking on the left side of the story returns to the previous image if there is more than one image. If it is the first image, it returns to the previous story. If it is the first image in the first story, the story is closed.
  • Clicking on the right side of the story goes to the next image if there is more than one image. If it’s the last image, it goes to the next story. If it is the last image in the last story, the story is closed.
  • If no clicks are made or if less than the number of images is clicked, the story will continue to be displayed for the remaining time.

Send an invitation link as in ClubHouse.

  • You can add the invite feature to your app with a beautiful HTML email template.

Estimated Read Time

  • Easily show the approximate reading times of your posts.

There is a new RegEx pattern

  • You can count words with this RegEx pattern.

Learn more:

All questions and feedback are welcome!

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We made a small change on the Widgets page. Now features and preview are together. Check it out!

We are here for all your questions and feedback!


Learn what’s changed: :point_down: