Update popup data on pages connected by parameters

Hello everyone,

“I am passing information from a repeating group on my home page to a user’s profile page. On the home page, I created a pop-up for registering new participants. This pop-up works very well. I enter the user’s registration information, and the user promptly appears in the repeating group on my home page. In each row of the repeating group, there is an eye icon that, when clicked, opens the selected user’s profile page. I transferred the information as parameters from one page to another. On the profile page, I created another pop-up to update the user’s information. It is precisely in this pop-up where I am facing an issue. When I open it, the user’s information appears in the registration fields; however, I cannot create a workflow to update the user’s information. In fact, the updated information on the profile page should also be updated on the home page.” Any thoughts on how I can solve this? I’m also posting pictures to help understand what I am trying to achive. Lastly, I can share my editor if that helps.