Update quantity on stripe subscription items

Hello all,

I would like to use Stripe on my SaaS plateform. The objective is to have clients (companies) with various users each.
I would like to charge each company monthly according to the number of users they have. I need to vary the quantity each month according to the number of users.

Example : Let say for a 10$ product, if a company has 5 user In June, it will pays 50$.
In July, it has 7 users, I will charge 70$. Easy

The thing is I do not succeed to update the product quantity when company’s users count changes. I tried with a Data Trigger but webhook do not seems to react when I change company’s users count.

Anybody has an app working this way and could give me some tips ?
Thank you

Would also love to have an answer for this as we have the exact same problem.

Did you find a solution in the meantime @Joel549 ?