Update the amount of applications when an application has been made

Hey all,

Is there a way to display data in a repeating group? I want to showcase the amount of times a ‘‘send application’’ button has been pressed by freelancers.

It’s probably very simple but I can’t find the button in do a search for or anything… any tips?


Yup, that’s what repeating groups do best. :slight_smile:

Can you share a bit more info about what you are trying to accomplish? For example, do you have a list of freelancers and you want to show a number beside each one that represents the number of times they have clicked a button. If so, you could have a number field on the freelancer data type, and you could increment the number in that field by one every time a freelancer clicks the button.

My example may have nothing to do with your use case, though… if you can share some more details, it should be pretty easy to help you get down a good path.


Hey Mike!

Yeah… that was a weird line I wrote there hehe :smile:

So the point is each time a freelancer has applied to a apllication, I want to have that displayed on the index page where the application is visible, so as e.g.

Freelancer wanted for Mycompany

Applications: 1

Ah, good stuff! I like to display data points like that, too.

Without knowing exactly how you have things set up, it should just be a field on the page that displays a count of the number of applications that have been submitted to a particular company.

So, in your example of Mycompany, I’m assuming you create an application that is tied to that company when a freelancer submits an application to them. If you do a search for applications where the company is Mycompany and then add the :count option to the end of the search, I think that should get you what you need. Does that make sense?


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