Update thing and use text field value

I am attempting to update a “thing” via the data api. I have a campaign table, and a lead table. I’m attempting to pass a campaign-name ( a text field in the campaign table) to the lead table, so I have a lead that is attached to a campaign.
I have added a field to the lead table, campaign-name, and linked it to campaign.
I have set the search to be on the campaign-name on set up.

So, Im trying to pass a value like KA-00001 to the campaign-name field in the lead table via API.

However, when I pass in a campaign I know exists, {“message”:"400 - {“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“MISSING_DATA”,“message”:“Invalid data for field campaign-name: object with this id does not exist: KA-00001”}}

if I send the full length unique id it goes through 1664198707319x893666742774117400

Is there anyway to make it so I can use the campaign-name or text field, KA-00001?

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