Update to allowed File Manager file types on Free Plans

Quick announcement that we are no longer allowing html file types to be uploaded to apps on a Free app plan. We are making this change for several reasons:

  • Free plans already do not have access to SEO/Meta tag (html) settings because they do not have a Live version to apply them to
  • Some bad actors have found that they can host malicious html files for free by uploading them to a Free plan and using the S3 link

We don’t expect this to disrupt any existing workflows for apps on our Free plan, but please let us know below if we are missing something. Thanks everyone!


Thanks for catching that. :raised_hands:

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Hi all - quick update that we have also removed the ability for Template Plan app’s to upload html files for the same reason. Uploaded files on a template to not transfer to user created apps so we do not foresee this to be an issue but please let us know if it is!

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