Update User data field from action taken in email

Hi bubblers.

I’m building a clone of a service that helps with motivation. I’m doing this just to learn more about bubble.

I’m trying to figure out how to go about updating a data field based on an action taken from the email send.

Here is the goal:

  1. User signs up and declares a goal. They pick a deadline, a pledge amount and then they enter in a “supervisor” email. This supervisor would be a friend the confirms if the user acomplished the goal. If they do, then they don’t pay their pledge amount. If they don’t then the amount they pledge is charged using the stripe API.

I want this to be as lean as possible. So the idea would be that the supervisor would get an email with a link for to confirm (yes the accomplished the goal) or Deny (no they didn’t).

Is there a way to change a data field for a specific users goal based on the action taken from the supervisors in the email?

Any thoughts welcome!

Could you not just use a url link to the current page thing and then append a url parameter then the supervisor clicks the link it will open the browser and trigger that page with the link you have created. On page load test for that parameter to carry out an action against that thing.

https://www.page.com/1313133241x2312414?goal=confirm or https://www.page.com/1313133241x2312414?goal=deny

Search this forum for url parameters.

This sounds like exactly what I needed. :+1: I’ll play around with this idea and see if can make it work.

@it1 Any advice on how I would go about setting this up.

Mainly, I figure I would need to trigger an email send with a URL in the email that has the dynamic data of the URL parameters specific to the users goal unique ID.

Not sure how to create the dynamic URL in an email. Any insights?

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