"Update user's credentials" success message isn't caught in workflow

There was a similar topic but it was never resolved. The problem is that I want to know when the user successfully changes their credentials (like a password). If they get an error, for example the current password doesn’t mach what they typed to reset it they get an error message and I can catch it in the workflows via “an unhandled error occurs”. The success messages in Bubble’s “Language” tab are placed right alongside all the error ones so I thought the “UPDATE_CREDENTIAL_SUCCESS” message would also be caught with “an unhandled error occurs” event. But it doesn’t! So truthfully, there is no way (it seems) to know if a user has successfully changed their password. Which is something that I need to do.
And I’m aware that I can hide the native success message, the problem is that I need to show my own alert like I do with the errors currently.