Updated: Cant get data to send from one data type to another for a profile

So on my site, the user has a profile (on Users DB table) and they can create “projects” (on Builds DB Table) . These projects have their own individual profiles that other users can view. On the project profile, it lists the creator of that project.

This all works fine.

The project’s creator’s name is a link that should go to their profile, but when you click it, it only displays your own profile. How do I get it to pull the profile of the creator of the project?

Side question, how would I assign the user’s profile a URL they could share with someone?


There has to be some way… Here’s some images to maybe help figure out what I’m trying to achieve:

On the Index page, it lists some robot builds by various users. I am logged into account “Vishera”. The first robot was created by “Test Account 2”.

When you click on that Robot, it takes you to the build page for that bot. There is Blue text there that shows it was created by “Test Account 2”. Clicking that is supposed to take you to their profile page.

But instead, it lists my current profile.

Here is how I have the DB setup:

And finally the workflow that sends the viewer to the robot builder’s profile page.

Update: Ah I think I figured it out! It would be Current Page User’s Username to pull the data sent and I had to fix the data sent to Current page Build’s Creator. This seemed to work!