[UPDATED v2.2.0] 😃 Sudsy Page router for SEO-friendly clean URLs! (by Tech-Tonic)

Thanks, @vladlarin, and that’s a really great question!

First, let me explicitly disclaim any SEO expertise. The primary impetus behind this plugin was a need for human-friendly, bookmarkable URLs. That said, what I understand of Bubble is that it operates (or can operate) very similar to front-end frameworks such as Vue.js and React. As such, this article suggests the answer to your question is a definite…maybe. Here’s a quote…

Even with client rendering only, Googlebot had no trouble seeing the content. I also waited a few days to see if Google had indexed the app. It had

Of course, I cherry picked that quote, so you should read the full article and do your own research. That said, there’s a lot to SEO, and accessibility and semantic mark-up are part of the equation; and that’s not currently one of Bubble’s strong suits (although it is on their radar!)

To answer definitively, I’d need some empirical data, so I plan to do some testing as soon as I figure out how to add the plugin to my paid plan. (I guess I have to buy my own plugin?)