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Updates on performance?

Hey, new to the community! I’m paying an agency on the marketplace to build my MVP and when they’re ready to transfer I plan to get it set up on the professional plan.

As we all hope and plan for, I expect to have multiple users on the app at once. I’ve read that performance on bubble is an issue but haven’t seen anything on the forum on the topic dated in 2021.

Should I be expecting performance issues? The forum hasn’t made me feel very confident.

Is it a challenge to transfer the app to a different platform altogether if I experience significant issues?

Idk if this makes a difference, we’re going with a PWA.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on what you mean by ‘performance’.

And it also depends on how you have structured your database, elements, workflows etc as to if you are maximising performance…and whether your app itself is resource heavy.

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If the app is well built it should get you going :grinning: